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What do we do?

We help you to build a strong, fruitful relationship, and form a loyal and relaxed pack, therein providing primary and complex needs to the dogs, so they can be healthy and happy. At the same time, you can relax and prepare to assume your role as the upstanding ALFA leader of the pack. We work to cover all fields concerning canine care by combining them into a single package accessible to everyone.

About our customers

Many of our clients initially have complaints concerning behavioural problems that their dog is experiencing. Our knowledge, experience and know-how of canine care allow us to find the best solution with the least intervention. No matter the issue your canine companion is having, rest assured we'll analyse the situation and find the best solution, utilising the most appropriate techniques to remedy it. Our goal is to provide you with the best results at the fairest and most affordable prices.

We found that after the initial intervention, around 80% of our customers requested for us to continue our services in the long-term, as they experience the positive changes, delighting in their seemingly new dog, and consequently finding a desire to harness the underlying potential they've now begun to realise their dogs possess! Whether that be to dominate in high-performance sports or carry out complex assistance duties, we constantly strive to challenge ALFA dogs to be the best they possibly can be, while moulding them to have a sense of purpose.

We are always available and keen to serve any needs and requests that our clients may have, helping them to feel stress-free, knowing that their pet is adequately cared for in all aspects.


Find out what our clients say about us.

Maryann & Kane

It was impossible for me to control kane as he was very big and troublesome, thanks to alfadog now he is very different from what he was.

Barry and Allan & Sheeba

Sheeba could not stand being on a leash for walks, thanks to alfadog we now went out without any problem with her.

Catherina and Yamani & Spacey

He was very aggressive with our cat and other dogs, now everything is game, I totally recommend them.

Deneele & Delilah

Delilah did not feel safe with the other dogs at first, but with the help of AlfaDog she can now play with other dogs, I thank them very much, they are very professional and I feel safe with them.

Marita & Jordi

We recently adopted Jordi, I don't know much about his history but he was very aggressive and reactive. He had a trainer that was very expensive but not very effective, so much so that... Read more

Andrew & Mako

Mako won't listen, he wouldn't come no matter what we did. We weren't able to eat or go out in please. a friend of my daughter saw Any training dogs in one of the ovals. Andy Was young but very mature and calm. Now Mako... Read more

why choose us

efficient training

Our training actually works, and quickly. We teach you and your dog together, so you know exactly what you need to maintain the training of your dog for many years to come.

personalized training

We understand that no dog is the same and that’s why we use a personalized approach in all our training and boarding programs.

satisfied customers

The vast majority of our clients are highly satisfied with our dog training programs and boarding packages. Feel free to read our customers’ reviews and testimonials.